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Happy Holidays

Posted by Brad Greene on December 28, 2011

Best wishes to all my friends and colleagues. May your holiday celebrations be lasting memories with the people you treasure most.

Here’s to a 2012 full of new adventures over every horizon!

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Statistics are cool

Posted by Brad Greene on June 19, 2011

I just added a link (actually put it back in) to last year’s coolest documentary for data geeks. Hans Rosling’s “Joy of Stats“. It is an entertaining 1 hour on a topic that most people would never dream could be even remotely entertaining. The guy is just plain interesting to listen to. Business Intelligence has a lot to do with stats and I really like the way Rosling makes his point with visually effective presentations. Imagine getting the opportunity to build a dashboard with some of the techniques he uses!

As always my source for this kind of cool stuff is www.flowingdata.com. Check it out if you have not done so. Always something fun to see popping up there weekly.

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Analytics as a Service, could be

Posted by Brad Greene on May 9, 2011

The idea of offering analytics as a specialization in the world of SaaS, or software as a service, has been around for a while now. In healthcare you have companies like Verisk and in the web space there is Google of course. Whether the offerings are really a form of SaaS or just spin, like putting the word “cloud” in front of your favorite technology platform, depends on the company in question. However, a friend posted a link to an article by Derrick Harris about Opera Solutions on his Facebook page that caught my attention. The article is titled Check Out the Big Data Expert You’ve Never Heard Of. Nope never have, and it was interesting to read up on what they are doing. Besides the article you can go to the company web site here, Opera Solutions. Sounds like a smart group of people doing something well. I also noted they are making use of Hadoop tech here. This company is worth keeping an eye on.

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Building a new blog site

Posted by Brad Greene on April 22, 2011

Just put this site up tonight. Going to move all the content from the old site over here and start a new one using WordPress. It’s been a few years since I created the old one and while Joomla is a good CMS it is overkill for my needs. WP is just so much easier to manage when all you need is a blog and a few pages of static content. Keeping WP up to date is also a snap and Dreamhost makes the installs a no brainer as well.

Getting this far took less than an hour of total effort. How cool is that? Now the real work begins…

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