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Bluetooth headset on Google Nexus 4 can’t voice dial now

Posted by Brad Greene on April 16, 2013

I recently made the switch from Apple to Android for my mobile phone. It’s been a great experience over all. However, recently I found myself ranting when my Bluetooth headset failed to voice dial when I really needed it to. I was in the car needing to make a call. It had worked fine so far. I realized that when I activated the voice dial the prompts were coming from the phone instead of the headset! Not great. In fact, a fat juicy moving violation was waiting to happen if I picked up the phone while still driving.

I spent hours dredging the internet trying to find a fix when I finally ran across a post in a Google coding forum. Some kind sole had the decency to post what they had done to fix the exact same problem. Obviously an Android update has toggled a setting but this little tip fixes it and makes everything right.

1) Open Google Now
2) Scroll to bottom and touch on 3 vertical dots — bottom right
3) Pop up menu shows, select Settings (also shown should be Refresh, Search…, Help, Send feedback)
4) From Settings screen select Voice
5) Look for Bluetooth headset — if box is unchecked, check it

Test your headset again and if you that was your problem your voice dialing should be working again like mine did.

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